We believe that a victory for one is a victory for all.

Here are a few of our community-focused success stories. of course, we’ve deliberately hidden the details to protect the rights of the persons concerned.

  1. Assisted homeless persons to obtain temporary accommodations.
  1. We represented a homeless applicant who was homeless for more than 2 years after the local authority informed her that she was not in priority need for homeless assistance. We assisted her to challenge the council’s decision, secured her a local authority temporary accommodation pending the outcome of her review. The council discharged full homeless duty towards her.
  1. We successfully assisted a homeless applicant secure a suitable alternative accommodation from the local authority.
  1. Successfully appealed a local authority’s discharge of duty decision to the county court. The matter was compromised with the local authority agreeing to withdraw its decision and re-conduct a fresh review.,
  1. Successfully made a homeless application to another local authority for a homeless client after being evicted from his assured accommodation. After initial refusal from the local authority, it accepted the application and provided the client with full homeless duty.
  1. We have successfully defended an anti-social behaviour injunction in the county court.
  1. Successfully applied to suspend a warrant to evict a tenant in the county court. Our client was in significant rental arrears. We assisted her in dealing with her financial problems and also able to demonstrate her ability to maintain the rent and also pay towards the arrears.
  1. Pursued a damaged for unlawful eviction in the county court.


We are not resting on our oars, Yours can be our next victory!

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