I do not need a lawyer! Or do I…?

People often find themselves in unfamiliar situations where they could use a bit of legal advice. However, they might not be sure of who to turn to. This guide will walk you through situations where it would be best, financially and in terms of expected outcomes, to engage someone who can take on your cause.

So, yes, you would need a lawyer, if you are:

  1. Thinking of going through with the process of legal separation? When it comes to the matters of properties, assets, and keeping sane, whether contentious or amicable, you will need the support and professional knowledge of a solicitor.
  2. Thinking of Adoption? Having paternity issues? Got custody concerns or just juvenile delinquency matters? A family law specialist you will need.
  3. Filing for bankruptcy? You will need a bankruptcy lawyer when there is no cash flow, when courtroom representation is needed, if checks consistently bounce, when there is no way to handle debt or pay bills, or when the client is constantly fielding calls from creditors or debt collectors.
  4. Navigating Citizenship and Immigration Services can be really tough! Even with a straightforward application, unless you know where to look, the paperwork can be maddening. An immigration attorney will help you navigate the waters.
  5. If you’ve been injured (physically, psychologically, economically, or in reputation) by the neglect or mal-intent of another, you will need someone to help you seek redress, no matter the size of the opposition.
  6. Buying or selling a home? Sharing assets with family? Appraising? Foreclosing? You will need ensure that all loose ends are tied neatly, and all grey areas are clarified. The property or estate attorney will help document, negotiate, and help watch your back for you if the deal goes wrong.
  7. Being sued or suing someone? You won’t go to jail (in contrast to a criminal case) if you lose, but you will have to pay monetary damages. Common civil cases include recouping alimony, defending your civil rights, settling debt, or addressing personal injury. Trust me, its best to have someone on your team who can speak legalese!
  8. Mistreatment by employer, workplace discrimination, negotiating severance, unlawful lay-offs, unemployment compensation, discussion of wages/benefits, and anytime you’re in over your head when it comes to your employer relations are times to turn to an employment attorney. They’re especially helpful for non-unionized employees who do not have an outside party advocating on their behalf.As an employer, you may want to work with an employment attorney if you’re being sued for any mistreatment or discrimination, negligence, allowing a hazardous work environment, or wrongful termination.

So, you have some highlighted cases where a lawyer might just be your best friend, in navigating shark-infested waters!

2 thoughts on “I do not need a lawyer! Or do I…?”

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